Let Us Pod: ‘Bereavement’

28 November 2007

The innovative podcast series, made by top producer Mary Colwell, looks at some of the biggest issues we all deal with in our lives – but specifically from a local and Christian perspective.

November is traditionally the month dedicated to Holy Souls and the Catholic community remembers the dead.  As we come to the end November cliftondiocese.com brings you the second ‘Let Us Pod’ episode entitled 'Bereavement'.  It’s written and narrated by Peter Hobbs.  Peter’s wife Caroline died in October 2004 having been diagnosed with breast cancer two years previously.  Peter’s podcast reflects on his journey from that time to the present.  

You can download ‘Let Us Pod’ in the multimedia panel on the right.  

The first ever ‘Let Us Pod’ - ‘The Clifton Cathedral Podcast’ - recently won a national prize at the Jerusalem Awards.  The podcast came out the winner - against 10 others, including traditional broadcasters such as the BBC - in the new media category.  

Other podcasts is this ‘Let Us Pod’ series include: ‘Vocations’, ‘Facing death’, ‘Fatherhood’, ‘Migration’, ‘Relationship breakdown’, ‘Confession’, and ‘Environment’.

We plan to bring you the ‘Let Us Pod’ series every Wednesday over the coming weeks.  Keep listening to ‘Let Us Pod’ and let us know what you think of the podcasts using the form below.

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